Crowby Bot

Datastorage of Crowby

What/Why is Crowby
collecting on data?

Crowby creates a data-entry for your Discord-server, after you invited it.
Crowby will safe every settings you set up in the mentioned data-entry.
Crowby will never collect data, when it's not needed and never safe any personal informations.

The entires are safed in our database and contains:
- A True/False value , if Crowby is on your Discord-server
- A True/False value , if you're Discord-server is blacklisted
- What the set prefix for your Discord-server is
- A True/False value, for every mode [e.g. Datekick Mode]
- A list of muted users and their id
- The mute-role id of your server
- A list of the whitelisted-roles
- A list of the antiraid-roles


You can request a deletion by sending us an E-Mail [email protected].
You'll be asked for a proof - only the Owner of the Discord-server is allowed to do this.
On reinviting Crowby to your Discord-server, the entry will be created again.
Should you ask for a deletion again, you'll be punished for abusing our service.