Crowby Bot

Make your Discord-Server a safer place.

Crowby is a powerful antiraid, automoderation and
moderation Discord bot to keep your Discord server
safe, it also has a lot of more free to use features!


Powerful Antiraiding

The Antiraiding Features of Crowby are being developed further and further. It includes many options, from closing your server to an underraid mode and an antijoin mode to keep your server safe.

  The Underraid Mode
You're getting raided? Tons of bots are joining your server just to spam all of your content filled channels? Give them no way to do that, activate the underraid mode and every channel will be locked, so you can easily ban every single one at rest.

  The Datekick Mode
Get rid of probably fake accounts joining your server, recently created accounts are often inactive or just there to use your server as a way to advertise their weird shit. You can easily decide how old an account have to be, to be able to join your awesome community!

  The Antijoin / Joinban Mode
There are too many weird people joining your server? End this. Activate the Antijoin Mode and let nobody joining your server again, even if they have an invitelink. If there are a lot of bot accounts joining at the same moment you can easily turn the Antijoin Mode on to stop instantly stop them joining.

  The Close Mode
You want to close your server to work on it at rest or you just want to let your community taking a break from each other? Just activate the Close Mode and every channel will be closed for every member. Nobody will be able to a channel anymore, until you open your server back again.

  And a lot of more features....

  The Antiraid Roles [New in Version 1.0.0]
The Crowby Antiraid Roles are the roles that everyone should have on your server, during setup you have the possibility to access our fast and algorithmic principle and let Crowby automatically recognize the roles that most members have.
The antiraid roles will later be the roles that will be denied access when the server is raided. If the antiraid component is deactivated again, the roles will be set to the previous setting / permissions again.

  Recognizes deleted roles and keep edited roles [New in Version 1.0.0]
If a role should be deleted, Crowby recognizes this and also deletes it from the database, so you don't need to remove the role additionally.

  Configurable everytime [New in Version 1.0.0]
You can always manage the antiraid roles and use or select your own roles instead of those that have been sorted out by the algorithm.

  Currently in BETA but getting better everytime!

  The Whitelist Role [New in Version 1.0.0]
So as far as you activated the Autorole features you can choose a whitelist role, this role won't be ever trigger any automoderation component. In this case you can be sure, that your moderators/admin or your team won't be punished/muted for any things they do.

  Changable & Removable [New in Version 1.0.0]
You can remove the Whitelist Role and change it everytime.

Powerful Automoderation

The automoderation of Crowby is being developed further and further.
It includes many options, from detecting and deleting Discord Invitelinks
to insulting words and muting users who can't behave and respecting the rules.

  Anti Badword Mode
The Anti Badword Mode recognizes insulting words, with the help
of the better_profanity API, these will be deleted and the user will be muted.

  Anti Mentionspam Mode [New in Version 1.0.0]
The Anti Mentionspam recognizes users spamming mentions for no reason, mentions are annoying, especially if someone spams them. So get rid of useless mentions and let everyone who's spamming mentions get muted.

  Anti Invitelink Mode
The Anti Invitelink Mode deletes every invitelink to other Discord-Server, people sending invitelinks will be muted for 15 minutes.

  And a lot of more features....

Powerful Moderation

The automoderation of Crowby is being developed further and further.
It includes many options, from detecting and deleting Discord Invitelinks
to insulting words and muting users who can't behave and respecting the rules.

  Mute/Hardmute annoying users [New in Version 1.0.0]
You got a troller in your server who's breaking the rules all the time, being toxic to your community? Get rid of his shit and mute him. Muted user will be automatically muted again, if they rejoin your server, no escape suckers!

  Silence a channel
You can silence a channel if people are arguing/being offensive to each other. Silence the channel, tell them to stop or something and open the back channel again.

  Warn others
You can warn people to stop doing things which are against your roles for example, if they won't stop you can mute them or warn again - your decision.

  And a lot of more features....


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stats of the crowby bot

  Server trusting in Crowby

The Sasaki World

 Partner Server

Izumii Familie

 ~1200+ User

  How many people are using Crowby?
~ 306.293 user

  How many guilds are using Crowby?
~ 680 guilds


  Has Crowby a paywall behind it's features?
No. Every feature of the normal Crowby Bot is free, for now and forever.

  How to enable modules?
You can enable modules/features by typing the feature and then the option between on and off.

  How do I set a custom prefix?
You can find a detailed answer at the Crowby Wiki.

  More questions?
Join our Support Server!

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